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Social media should actually cover fundamental factors in its view of working towards realizing the goals and objectives of the firm (Acas, n.d) It should cover the network security. For the organization to avoid viruses controls on software downloads should be developed by using technical security features like firewalls. It should also cover an acceptable behavior that need to be adopted during its operation and use of emails and internet, social network sites, smart phones among other items. Data should be monitored and protected. This helps in enhancing the privacy of the strategies of the organization. The employees in collaboration with their representatives should therefore be consulted thoroughly. The business objectives and disciplinary procedures should also be included in the process of social media networking. It will be documented that social networking can actually be applied internally to encourage the employee engagement level and also used outwardly to promote the organizational reputation and brand.

According to Kaplan and Haenlein (2010) any organization willing to indulge in the social media networking should follow some guidelines. An organization should thus choose the social media applications carefully because new ones keep arising everyday. Selecting the right medium to use usually depends on the group that is targeted and the type of message that will be communicated. It is good to note that every social media application constantly attracts different groups of people dictating the organization to be very active on the application that fully attracts its customers. It is further argued that the organization can make its own application or pick from the existing applications. Existing applications are perceived to be popular and therefore it would be wiser to join them. In some cases the organization may possibly decide to use several social media or even different applications for the same group so as to have the biggest possible reach. This will require that the activities of the social media should as a result be aligned to each other. For instance Dell prefers to use an amalgamation of social networking sites such LinkedIn, blogs, facebook and YouTube videos so as to show its variety of laptop computers in its view of enabling individuals to turn into nomadic mobile workforce.

















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This site extends to clarify on the benefits that a company may obtain from incorporating social media networking as one of its strategies in its process of attaining the set goals and objectives. It specifies out the benefits that are directed to both the employees and the organization as a result of using social media.


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Kaplan and Haenlein explain the meaning of social media and the challenges and opportunities that are accompanied by its usage. They also outline the guidelines that should be followed by a company when it decides to use social media networking.