Negative News letter


PO Box 12345

Los Angeles, LA 54321


27694 Bay Point Lane,

Bonita Springs, FL 34134.


Dear Ms. Minnie MacElroy,

Thank you for your continued support as our valued customer. We are pleased that you choose WebTastic for all your design and host of your website.

Unfortunately, as the economy worsens, we have been badly hit. As you are already aware, your account number 123456 has not been paid since signing of the contract. You can appreciate that we have provided you with the best services and have always adjusted to your requests. However, we are sorry to inform you that we have to terminate the contract due to some serious breaches from your side including the pending payments. After some considerations, we have decided that we will we will close down our website.

The reason(s) for terminating the contract and shutting down the website include the fact that we have not been remunerated months now since we offered you the services. This is coupled by the fact that you always your requirements have always been hectic to follow as you keep adjusting them from time to time.

If you decide to have a word with us, we are open during our working hours and we will gladly receive your call on 123-456-7890. Thank you for your time and for working with us.




Sheila Marshall,
Customer Service.










I had to start on a positive note. This is mainly to reduce any damage to the already strained relationship between the two companies. I believe that news, and bad news for this matter should not define our relationship.

By stating the bad news, I had to do it in a clear and firm manner. Opening of the letter had a buffer to minimize damage by using positive goodwill. However, the body included reasons to help the other company see from their point of view but at the same time present myself as being fair and reasonable with my decision. I was clear and firm in stating what the reasons were for terminating the contract and shutting down their website. I believed I should be brief, positive, clear and play a low key about the whole situation.

Closing the letter, I tried to make sure it contained a positive gesture of good will not to damage any further relationship between the two companies and left for a potential solution between the companies.








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