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I am a journalism student at the University of …. I have the opportunity to research the career field of public relations. While working at the University’s career center, I came across your LinkedIn profile. I am wondering if you will be able to offer some insights and guidance to a bona fide student who is interested in your field.

I am a third year student at California University. I have a lot of interest in mass communication and I have developed a special interest in journalism as a result of my academic studies, my internship and later employment experience. I am currently serving as an intern for the CURM, where I have helped introduce and promote varied events and programs. I have also assisted in maintaining a web presence which is available to all journalism students in the institution as well as connect the students to the school’s alumni. As the director of the school’s newsletter, I interacted with various media outlets in campus and even outside on a regular basis. I also served earlier as an RA for one year where I demonstrated my ability to manage conflict and work to unify the student body through relevant social and educational programs.

I will appreciate an opportunity to speak with you and learn more about the mass communication and journalism. Kindly let me know if you will be available for a brief phone conversation and will be happy to work according to your schedule. You can also reach me at or call me on 123-456-7890.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thanks for considering my request.



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Dear Ms. Belinda

Thank you for the opportunity to interview for the … position on Monday, July 22, 2013. I enjoyed meeting and learning more from your esteemed company. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn more about your company and I am very much interested in employment opportunity.

The position you interviewed me for offers an incredible opportunity and I am confident that I have enough experience as well as education background that will enable me to contribute significantly to your company. I am also extremely excited about the challenges this position will present and look forward to working with you if offered the chance.

Again, I am thankful, for the time and the courtesy you extended towards me. I appreciate the chance of being your candidate for the position. Kindly contact me on (555) 123-456 if I can provide more information.


(Your handwritten signature),

Summary of the Interview

Ms. Belinda has a Masters Degree in Mass communication from California University. She has worked in the media industry for several years and has spent five years as a media Relations Manager in a top media industry in California. Belinda has written several articles on journalism and how to improve the same in schools. Her opinion as an expert in the field is valid and her bias may be as a result of her extensive knowledge in the field. Having spent quite a number of years as a journalist and later as a manager in the field, Belinda may be unwilling to hear other points of view and I doubt that there are many people who know as much as she does including most employees at her place of work.

I asked her several questions. When I asked her about the major challenges in the media industry, Belinda replied that with the advent of technology, there is a major shift on how media publishes news. More and more people are turning out to the internet for news and they prefer using social media. However, she insisted that this does not mean that it will be important to do away with print media.

I asked her of the major scandals in the industry and how they can be dealt with. Belinda replied that scandals like phone hacking that rocked Britain should be dealt with according to the laws of the land. She said that phone hacking shows that the media lacks self regulation and is unable to safeguard set standers and accountability in the media. As such, she suggested that a commission is needed to do the same.

Belinda was very free with me and helped me understand the industry as well as with the questions I was interested in. her interview with me will greatly contribute to my argument and as an experienced journalist she offered the industry shortcomings and what can be done to help it grow as well as be responsible.

Belinda referred me to her senior manager in her work Mr. Moray Macs of place who she called and   agreed to meet me on a later date in the month. She also connected me with the Director of Public Communications in the state of California and agreed to meet Tuesday the following week.

Belinda had a strong argument with strong suggestions on how we can improve our media especially in the eyes of the public. She was very impressed with my resume but commented that it failed to capture the experience I have had in the field. I promised to include all that is required of me as she directed.











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